The perfect "Cut" for you...

Our Slip dress is about exquisite fit and impeccable cut.

We’ve celebrated the various shapes a woman's body by studying it carefully and designing six specific “Cuts” to compliment different parts of the figure, concealing or revealing for individual preference. Feeling beautiful and confident is the end goal.

Read more about the design phase, three years perfecting the fit, and find the perfect second silk skin to suit your beautiful unique body.


The Cuts

The Klimt

Graceful, minimalistic and made with a modern perspective, the Klimt Collection is a contemporary cut with a sleek silhouette which works to elongate the figure.

The Kahlo

Valuing a laid-back sense of ease with impeccable finishes, the Kahlo Collection is the perfect marriage of effortless and alluring that will suit any shape or size.

The Pablo

A postmodernist adaptation of the conventional slip, the Pablo Collection embraces advance pattern-making and creative design for the deep-thinker, the curious mind and the artistic at heart.

The Renoir

Traditionally feminine, the Renoir Collection is designed specifically for women with a fuller bust, ladies with curvaceous hips, and those who embrace a classical hourglass figure.

The Matisse

Designed with the kind of versatility that will always fit with comfort and ease, the Matisse Collection embraces customisable design to be worn exactly the way you choose.

The O'Keefe

The most feminine of all the slips with a bias drape, the O’Keefe Collection gracefully glides over the body to compliment the female form. We call it the heroine of the range.

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