Our mission

Our mission is to create truly sustainable clothing, which achieves more than providing the highest possible quality with the most sustainable practices possible – it preserves functional, timeless and solid design.


Loomes is about redefining humanity’s relationship with clothing. It is about choosing wisely, then caring for your garments; repairing, re-using and repurposing each, and honouring the resources used to create it, from both the earth and the time and care of a respected artesian in hand making it.


We have considered every angle of the sustainability puzzle in our attempts to exemplify honestly sustainable clothing. Please read about our practices here.


Loomes is part of the eco-renaissance. We want to inspire and empower people to realise an individual’s potential to be the change we want to see, to create a future we want to live in, and to see possibility everywhere. This time will be remembered in history as the time humanity learnt to coexist with nature again.


It’s a time of implementing new systems, dissolving destructive practices and reverting to the old ways of doing. Join the revolution.




After fifteen years working in fashion and observing first-hand the destruction the industry was having on the planet and its people Angie, the founder of Loomes, started to really wonder, ask, think and obsess…


“how a clothing brand could be truly sustainable…”


With the idea of conceptualising what a clothing brand for the utopian future, eco renaissance, could be, Loomes started to take shape in her mind and eventually in reality.


For the next three years she could think of nothing else; reading, researching, designing, writing, dying, sewing, drawing, making, mending, photographing and tirelessly dreaming her concept into reality.



“I was obsessed with allowing the concept and philosophy drive the design and conception of the brand to create something totally eco to its core. I just felt it was so important someone do it, to exemplify all elements of sustainably in clothing design. These days people and brands are a bit more aware of the darker side to fashion but when I started this journey there was only a few eco conscious people on the fringe of society wearing hemp fisherman pants and nothing in between, I knew I wasn’t the only one wanting beautiful clothing that was truly sustainable, and I wanted to provide an option to live consciously without having to compromise on beauty and luxury.


Loomes is much greater than what you see today, this is just the tip of the iceberg and the very beginning.


Please stay with us as we work to unveil the rest of the dreaming.