Circular Economy & Our Life Time Warranty

Circular Economy


Currently we have a ‘Linear Economy’ we take, make, use and dispose. It’s also called the “throwaway society” because of the sheer amount of stuff we throw away. Today’s economy is built on a fast turnover principle.

Goods are now so cheap, quality is no longer of any importance, because its cheap and easy to buy a new one and we are taught and told we constantly need new everything. Designers and businesses in fact design products with a short life span intentionally, so you will have to buy another one.


Linear Economy Fashion Industry

A Circular Economy is essentially the opposite, it means we keep resources in circulation for as long as possible. We extract maximum value from them while in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of their service life. Products are repaired, reused or upgraded rather than being thrown away.

This means designing products for longevity and reparability, while also designing waste out of the system. For example using the off cuts of fabric to make something else and working towards a zero waste world.

If you think about it, circular systems are the foundations of life on earth which has worked well for billions of years. It’s the circle of life.

Linear systems are exactly the opposite, the opposite of life itself and completely un-natural.

The Human effect on planet earth is diabolical and so destructive because each new product we consume and then throw away uses earths resources, which are finite.

It is impossible to continue in this linear way.

Something has to change and circular economy is the only viable solution.

This is the foundation of Loomes and what drove us to start this brand and what drives every decision and detail. That’s why there is not a single piece of synthetic thread anywhere in the products, that’s why we developed all our own packaging out of recycled materials, non toxic glues and inks and every thing can be recycled. Including the clothing.  

We want to lead the way forward to a better future, exemplify to the fashion industry what a truly sustainable clothing product could be.

When you understand the circular economy model then you will understand us.

There is hope and there are solutions and if we work together we CAN change the future of planet earth for our children and future generations.

This is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our products.


Circular Economy Fashion Industry


We need to create a repair revolution. We need change from the grass roots up. 

We need to be the change we want to see. ITs not new age, its actually quite old school.

We want to revive the belief system that our grandparents and the generations before them had, which is to buy something of quality and longevity and then repair and care for that item.

We want the patches on your clothing, and the stitching lines showing you repaired to make you proud, like a honour medal on a soldiers jacket. 

A symbol of devotion and believe in the future and a better way. A radical rebellion to the fast fashion machine destroying our earth.

You did not throw away your dress but you repaired it. Your didn’t get bored or insecure so just bought a new one but you got creative, clear and strong and re-invented it, maybe you altered it in some way that gave it new life or made it unique to you or sent it back to us to over-dye it (service coming in 2020).

We want to break the machine of throw away consumerism and change the mind set of humanity. It's not cool anymore to be photographed in a new outfit every day for your Instagram. That old mind set is out dated, as we can no longer look the other way to the effect fast fashion is having on the planet.

It is cool to buy something ethical and sustainable, made slowly by hand, and wear it every day. Wear your slip with a tee shirt and sneakers, then wear it with heels and pearls, where it in winter with long sleeves under or over, layer it over your jeans, or tuck it into a skirt.

If your sick of the full length, then cut it to be shorter or into a cami top (this is one reason, amongst many we have a lot of raw edges on the hems of our dresses) we don’t want you to be afraid to cut it shorter or change it.

Our female bodies change but clothing can be altered so get creative. 

When you have something you love, and you show care and repair it – your love for that item will grow greatly and that customisation will make that piece unique to you.



We are a very new brand and totally bootstrapped but its so important for us to offer a lifetime warranty we have insisted on incorporating it into the business model.

We created our garments to the highest possible quality achievable so they will last the longest amount of time possible but we still hope you wear it out eventually… because that means you have really used it well and worn it often and frequently. In our ideal world you wear it everyday, from office to beach from day to night to bed even. And nothing natural lasts forever. We then hope you will repair it, eventually we want to build a platform to re-sell it but for now there are plenty of preloved online options or market stalls. But at the very end of its life when it truly can no longer be used as a piece of clothing we will buy it back and make a quilt with the pieces.


Looems Repair Clothing Patches

Image via Anakarli Zakuro


We are happy to repair or alter or over dye your items for you at any time*

However our goal is to educate and empower everyone to learn the joy of sewing and the satisfaction of repairing and mending your own clothing so feel free to reach out for guidance and tutorials or follow us on all the social media platforms as we feed that information into the world.

For repairs, alters or guidance please email us photos of the product and a great description.

If the black colour fades over time, which can happen with natural dyes, we can then over dye it for you. Over dying is a great way to breath life back into your clothes.

Our adaptation of the circular economy is as follows:

Firstly we create the garment with minimal harm to the environment as possible, with zero waste manufacturing, organic cottons and silks, all natural botanical dying processes, slow and ethical manufacturing to the highest achievable quality for product longevity. Please read about how we do this here. 

Secondly nothing synthetic anywhere and all our packaging made from recycled materials and are recyclable and using non toxic soy based dyes and glues.

Read more about our packaging here. 

Thirdly we will repair, mend and alter, follow us on soical media for more information here. 

Finally at the end of its life, we will eventually buy it back and make something new from the scraps.

Please read more about our zero waste manufacturing strategies and lifestyle here. (link to shipping and made to order section)


*Please read our terms and conditions