Self exploration and identity and 100 years of photographing ones self

Today we cover the topic of individualization. Our Muse Anne Brigman stepped inside the lens of her own camera to pioneer what we now know as " the selfie" 100 years before we coined the term.


Inspired by self-exploration and identity Anne began taking nude selfies in nature. Twisting herself into the shape of a tree or striking a pose of power as if to challenge her position as a woman in society, objectifying her own body in the light she wished to be seen.


Anne teaches us to take control of our own surroundings and own the beautiful body we have been gifted. It's not important how other people view you but how you see yourself.


Brigman’s photography, the subject matter, and nudity, were groundbreaking alone but to shoot them outdoors in a near desolate wilderness setting was revolutionary. Her exploration between mother earth and the divine feminine was radical for its time. Those concepts still as relivant today as they were then.


Although the term feminist art was not coined until nearly seventy years after Brigman made her first photographs, the suggestion that her camera gave her the power to redefine her place as a woman in society establishes her as an important forerunner in the field.

Brigman’s grew up in Northern California, she was known as a poet, a critic, a proponent of the Arts & Crafts philosophy, and a member of the Pictorialist photography movement. She even stared in a film and dipped her toe into acting.

Her work was promoted by Alfred Stieglitz, who elected her as a fellow of the prestigious Photo-Secession, which was a great achievement for women in that society back then.



Brigman is also noted for her honest art criticism and opinioned voice on cultural and fine art topics, and as a published poet. What an absolute legend.