Loomes Muse: Francoise Grossen Textile Artist

Forever crushing on this weaving beauty and her textured ropey robust works of art. Such a wonderful metaphor for revolution and the power of cooperation and collective consciousness... all the individual strings working in delicate harmony together.

 Loomes Muse: Francoise Grossen Textile Artist

I was told a story about young love... about the tradition of marriage in Indonesia and the way a couple would announce thier wedding and the friends and family would prepare a cloth for them to use on this day. They would spend months spinning and weaving a beautiful textile to be worn like a sarong on their wedding day, and wheel weaving and spinning and dying this special textile they would be praying for the young couple and the happy life together. Imagine the magic and power embedded into that textile. I love the ikat and those traditional cloths - you can feel the history and the hands and the care.

Loomes was born from the intention to embody that spirit into daily pieces of clothing.


 Loomes Muse: Francoise Grossen Textile Artist

Inspired by a trip she took to Africa, I am sure Grossen would agree the ancient people of our world have so much wisdom to share and such a continues source of inspiration.

I find so much inspiration in this Muse - the lines and shapes and textures and forms but more then anything I love her courage to work on such a large scale and create such big pieces, her work was bold and outrageous for the time and really pushed fibre artist in the artworld. Breaking free from tapestry style flat 2D conventions and redefining fibre art for the modern world. I find her pieces still just as relevant today as they would have been back then. What an absolute legend.

 Loomes Muse: Francoise Grossen Textile ArtistOur small ode to Francoise Grossen can be found here.


1. Artifact rope label / 2. Francoise working on embarcadero / 3. A classic install shot of her Blum and Poe exhibition in the seventies / 4. Five White Elements, 1971 / 5. Artifact rope warnings / 6. Grossen's 'Inchworm II' made of knotted rubber tubes floating in a portland pond in 1978 & upon facade of Museum Bellerive, Zurich in 1976 / 7. Biennale, 1977