Gold Jewellery Piece


When I was developing Loomes I had a beautiful silk slip i had found in a vintage store, it was over 100 years old and proof that a well made piece of clothing thats loved and looked after can last for a very long time.

I wanted to consider every pressure point, identify potential weak areas and think of ways to safe guard and build them stronger so the dress would last longer. There are secret stitches in places like where the straps attach to the front of the dress because I know this is a pressure point.

I knew a conventional bra slider made of plastic or cheep metal would eventually break so I wanted to make a piece of jewellery instead, that would last forever. It's plaited with real 24 CRT gold and can be washed with the dress but of cause ideally they are removed for ultimate durability.


The jewellery that made these also mine and my husbands wedding rings, I felt so inspired designing and making an object that could one day be in the hands of great, great, great, great, graet, great, great grandchildren, Unlike clothing, jewellery lasts forever. One of the most ancient art forms still practiced by humans.

The ends of the straps have been hand finished so its easy to remove and replace the sliders. It was important to me, to make the straps of the slips as adjustable as possible, as I know women's bodies and moods are forever flowing with change.

You can achieve so many different looks when the necklines is dropped or raised by adjusting the straps or the straps at the back are crossed over or not - and even when the gold pieces are removed completely and just tied casually.

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