Change in one's way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion.

Metanoia means an afterthought, from meta meaning "after" or "beyond" and nous meaning "mind". In Classical Greek, etanoia meant changing one's mind about someone or something. When personified, Metanoia was depicted as a shadowy goddess, cloaked and sorrowful, who accompanied Kairos, the god of Opportunity, the elements of repentance, regret, reflection resulting in transformation are always present in the concept of metanoia however ultimately it's about rebirth transformation and reformation.




Our first collection;



Features a selection of simple black slips, produced in the most sustainable way possible with a lifetime warranty. A solution to the fast fashion and the destructive nature of the fashion industry. A universal timeless design that serves a multitude of functions for a variety of occasions, ranging from sleepwear, casual day to day, to formal attire.


It may cost more than other silk slips from conventional brands, but one good quality, sustainable & ethical dress that can be worn a thousand times will ultimately save you money per wear and increase your sense of purpose and happiness.

Buy Less, Choose Better

We are about creating change.

We want to change the way people think about clothing and fashion. We think it's cool to wear the same thing every day. It is a radical and revolutionary act of anti-establishment and a visual protest. It's your way of telling the world your not down with destruction and pollution caused by fast fashion and you believe in a better way. If there is something in this world you want to change then; be the change you wish to see. You can make a difference in the day to day choices you make. 

Repair & Re-Wear

 If it was cheap then it wouldn't be truly sustainable.


It wouldn't have been produced with this level of integrity and it would still be part

of the problem and not part of the solution. 


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