Raw Edges

Raw EdgesRaw edges are used throughout the collection with strategic reinforcement and careful consideration. They are either used on a seam that’s designed to fray and will never compromise the garments shape or strength (such as the hem), or they are reinforced with additional facings and hand finishes, so that they are structurally strong and only ever appear to be raw.


Customised Raw Edges offset the feminine formality of the Loomes designs, adding a relaxed character to each ganment thats artistically reinforced by the couture techniques employed by hand to create them.


Loomes embraces the raw edge and finds beauty in its nature.

It symbolises more than a finish on a garment.

It’s a reminder of our core values that guide every stage of the design and manufacturing process to create a brand and product that represents a change we wish to see in the world.

We want our customer to love their Loomes piece and wear it frequently and forever. Naturally, it will age and morph in shape. We support the movement of people who see beauty in well-loved clothing and are against the wasteful culture of disposable fashion. We feel the raw edges represent deconstruction, and probe one to think more about the manufacturing process.

Raw Edges

We believe in re-inventing and repairing your clothing, we want to inspire a movement towards more people mending and altering their clothing. Another reason we chose to use raw edges along the hems, was to encourage the owner to cut it to a different length, to take it from floor length the above the ankle after the formal occasion you might have initially bought it for, or a midi or a mini. Read more about our Repair Revolution and Circular economy here.

Follow our youtube channel and other social media for weekly tutorials on how to alter your clothing at home to fit you perfectly or make something old feel new again.

Raw Edges

Whilst we find so much beauty in the raw edge and everything it represents, rest assured that our dresses are designed and reinforced to last and stand the test of time. The raw edges are not a sign of the garments weakness but a sign of its strength.

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