Swing Tag

Swing Tag

Our Loomes swing tag is made from the same fabric as the dress, recycled paper. cotton and natural dye and soy based non toxic inks. This is part of our circular economy movement and so if you ever need to repair your dress, you will have the perfect matching piece of fabric. We hope you will love and wear your loomes slip for one hundred years and if you do there may come a time when it will need a patch.

You could also use it to repair or customise something else in your wardrobe. We want to build a culture of mending and repairing clothing and start a revolution to reject fast fashion. We want to shift the attitude that its better to have something new then something repaired and loved.

The more someone has worn and repaired a garment the more beautiful it becomes because it represents a consideration for the environment, and respect for it's resources. A patch on your clothing is actually a radical rebellion to mass production, a F you to Zara and H&M and all of them, to massive corporate giants destroying our planet for financial gain, if you feel powerless in the face of the planets future, don't, because we do have the power to make a difference.

Please read more about Circular Economy and the repair revolution here, and why we have pushed ourselves to find creative ways to package our products.

The paper in this swing tag is a recycled paper printed with non toxic inks and can be recycled. The string is cotton and the silk cotton fabric is naturally dyed like the rest of our pieces.  

 Swing Tag

"I am of the earth like a pearl from the sea… a gift of beauty born from earth’s energies.

Like a pearl I will live forever - perhaps longer then yourself.

Attached to this garment is a patch of silk that you can use to mend me.

Please remember I am handmade and each Loomes piece is an artisanal attempt at perfection… and perfection to us is as nature intended it to be; irregular and unique.

I am alive, made with organic cotton and silk blended fabric and dyed with organic dyes.

I hope I bring you joy and you love and care for me – don’t be afraid to wear me freely and frequently and, like any other living thing, I will have a life of my own, growing and sculpting to your body, growing more beautiful with every wear. A physical symbol of kindness and consideration for earths energies and its creations and a rejection of the excessiveness of fast fashion and modern-day consumerism. 

I have been dyed with Organic herbs so my colours may fade beautifully like a sunset further enhancing my own sense of unique perfection. Some people love this aesthetic quality however if it is not for you send me back to be over dyed again.

Over dying is another way to care for your Loomes pieces. If you feel they are faded, stained or just because… Send them to us - they can be overdyed and given a new colourful life.

For more pointers and tips on mending and sustainably living find us on social media and check out our website.

I may rip but you can repair me, I may fade but you can over dye me, I may stretch but you can alter me, I am perfect and I always will be…

See these characters as a charming reflection of your appreciation for this unique hand made treasure and the love and care that has created it and you have then shown it."

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