The Art of Revealing & Concealing

(Our relationship with our body and clothes)

The Cuts

Find the perfect "Cut" to suit you.

The perfect Slip Dress is all about "The Fit" and "The Cut".

It's about feeling feminine, confident and beautiful in your body. Every woman in the world deserve to feel like this. This is what I set out to achieve by designing six very specific cuts.

The story of these 6 slip shapes was one of love and consideration for the 6 women in my world I adore the most... It was my wedding, and I had six beautiful bridesmaids. I wanted to design a dress for them in which they would feel beautiful. Dictating what someone else should wear, even if it was just for one day made me feel uncomfortable. I didn't want any of them to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. I wanted them to feel glamorous and full of confidence. 

Because these were all my best gals, sisters, cousins and oldest friends, I had insight into their particularities. I knew their insecurities like a sister or best friend does and I knew the parts of their body that they felt confident with.

The Cuts

Finding the perfect slip dress for you is about choosing the parts of your body you feel confident with whilst also recognising the parts that you would rather veil. It is a delicate game of hide and seek.

As much as I would like to say there is a simple identification, that if you’re a "pear shape" then "this" slip is for you and if you’re a bean then it’s the .... cut. Even though it may be a helpful device to get us started on finding the perfect slip – the truth is that the female form cannot be simplified into 5 vegetable shape categories. That is one of the most wonderous things about women and our form, no two bodies are ever the same. On top of this and even more important is that our relationship with our bodies are deep and individual. The way we want something to fit has a lot do with our personal, emotional relationship with ourselves - which is nuanced and unique.


When I was designing for my 6 bridesmaids, I was just trying to think about creating a dress for each of them that would make them feel confident and comfortable, beautiful and glamorous. The truth is to the outside eye they would have all looked beautiful in whatever they wore, because they are all very beautiful girls - but it's not about that. It's about how they felt. 

I want to celebrate the various body shapes and sizes and I want you to celebrate your own shape and intricacies, but I also know that we all have what we consider to be our strengths and weaknesses, even though it’s mostly all in our head. 

Isn't that everything about clothing, it's all about how we feel and very little about how we look. 

Here are some things to get you thinking about when buying one of our slips.


You may want to accentuate your curves so a bias-cut slip like the O'Keefe which slightly clings to the body and highlights the curves can be a great option for you.

You may prefer to hide your form a little more and therefore choose the Klimt which glides over the body, it is cut on the straight grain so doesn't cling at all.

If you adore your breasts you would look great in the Klimt with its deep V, or if you have the personality for the Pablo then the unique pattern making, and design would make you feel interesting and contemporary.

The Renoir which comes in at the waist then flares out creates an owl glass silhouette.

Maybe you would prefer The Karlo that is flared and very full bodied, it can be worn exposing the back and the side of your bust, or not if this is not your style. The bra sliders make each slip totally adjustable so you can adjust each style to suit your body and mood. 

It is such a personal thing that I can't say which slip is definitely the best slip for you - all I can do is design the most comprehensive collection of slip shapes so there is something for everyone and explain as best as I can the quirks of each design.

Feel free to get in touch with your personal requirements, what makes you proud or insecure - we are more than happy to help advise on which one slip best suits your personal desires or to alter your style to better fit your body.


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