Why a Slip Dress is Sustainable by Design

Sustainable Slip

Slips are TIMELESS.

To quote Oscar de la Renta, "Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand."

When we think about what it means to be sustainable; it really does come down to consuming less, buying less stuff, we need to make less new things in this world, beyond nudity or second hand clothing the next best thing is a timeless design. 

Sustainable Slips


They can be styled so many different ways and will do so many different purposes, such as;
Formal occasions, like weddings, dinners and parties
Beach days in summer with sandals
Layered with a tee shirt and sneakers for a comfortable urban feel
Worn in winter with a long sleeve top underneath of a woolly jumper over the top
Tucked into a skirt, so it looks like a top
Worn as an under garment, under something sheer
Worn to bed as sleeping attire
layered over some jeans for a trendy look

sustainable slips

There are so many ways to wear a slip dress and the enduring qualities of the slip dress suggests there will be many more hundreds of years and ways to wear the slip in the future.

All images sourced from pintrest, check us out on there for my slip styling inspo.

Sustainable Slips

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